The feelings of the founder, Satoshi Sakurada, who still lives in each and every staff member

There is a person who is indispensable when talking about MOS. The person’s name is Satoshi Sakurada. Found of MOS Burger.

Born in a restaurant in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture, as the youngest of 10 siblings, Sakurada worked for a security company after graduating from university.

I decided to become independent, burning with the ideal of “I want to create an organization that can grow toward my goals .” At that time, what came to his mind was Tommy’s, a hamburger shop he met when he was stationed in the United States as a security man.

Tommy’s store was not in a good location, but it was thriving with its ingredients, good taste, and incredible cooking skills.

“If you provide really delicious food, customers will come even if it is not a prime location.”

Sakurada, who was strongly convinced, took the person in charge of a food maker who did not even know the existence of hamburgers to the United States at that time.

“I lived and put my heart and soul into making products with amazing commitment.”

Futhermore, Sakurada thought that even if the product was developed with great effort, it is the person who makes it at the store that puts the soul at the end.

During his lifetime, he left such a message to his friends at MOS.

“Human beings are wonderful. It is our big mission to continue to deliver the feeling that living is wonderful. We will provide our customers with the desire to carefully deliver the best products one by one.”

The founder’s feelings are still alive in each and every person who works at MOS.

Mos Foods Singapore.
Mos Foods Singapore.
Mos Foods Singapore.

Making People Happy Through Food

Enjoy MOS Burger today, tomorrow…everyday. Mr. Sakurada would be so happy